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Cyber Safety for Computer Users of All Ages

Cyber Safety

No matter your age, if you use a computer - and especially the internet - you need to be savvy about security. Yet many users have no idea how vulnerable they might be to malicious thieves who can “hack” and “phish” into personal computers.

To prevent theft of information that can rob you and your family of your financial assets - and your dignity - be mindful of the following:

  • Educate young video gamers on the importance of protecting personal information, and instruct them to inform you of unusual requests for private facts, photos or activities.
  • While on social networks, be wary of unknown links to unusual blogs, tweets and other services that invite interaction.
  • When using unsecured Wi-Fi networks, increase your computer’s security levels, and ensure your computer has automated anti-virus upgrades.
  • During financial transactions, check that you use only trusted websites that start with “https” (the “s” stands for “secure”).

Do not take lightly these advices. Many people don't belive it until it's happening. It doesn't matter if you are home or anywhere outside, do your deligence.




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Thank you!

Thank you Diana for your comment. You are totally right. And in my situation, as a professional, I am not only the situation to protect myself but I have to protect also my clients data against of these kind of threats.

Technology is part of our

Technology is part of our lives and every time we surf the web, we expose ourselves to cyber attacks. To protect ourselves against data thefts, we should use the best cyber security solutions available on the market, as well as to always keep the computer's software up to date. The modern world has many perks and we should learn how to take full advantage of them.

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